Description: jQuery Tools is a collection of the most important user interface components for the web. These are tabs, accordions, tooltips, overlays, exposing effects and scrollables. They can dramatically improve the usability and responsiveness of your site. They mainly focus on presenting information and visual appeal. After all, this is exactly what most websites desperately want: to present their content to the reader in an easy and visually pleasing manner.

This is the official jQuery Tools UI library and after the inclusion you will have the following tools available:

  1. jQuery 1.4.2
  2. Tabs
  3. Tooltip
  4. Scrollable
  5. Overlay

The tools will be loaded with maximum performance no matter where your user is located on the globe. Without the jQuery library, the file size is only 4.00 Kb when gzipping is enabled on the server-side. If you already have jQuery included on your page, you can simply remove it and use only the above script src statement.

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