Description:What powered sites? We are always curious about that when we navigating exciting sites. PoweredSites is a good site to share with others about a project or service powered sites, eg. jQuery powered sites, or sites powered by jQuery. PoweredSites is also a good place to show your project's power if you are a project owner.
Usecase: is powered by python,tornado,mysql and mongodb,of course, it also powered by PoweredSites project, the source code is avaliable here. PoweredSites include an in-house caching system, it's base on mongodb, and it's simple and powerful.

The caching can cache the return value of a whole page,a function or a module.It can just cache for anonymous users if anonymous true, and it will query the cache condition at first if there is a condition checking.

The cache will expired if the condition result has changed, so the cache is very dynamic.

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