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Similar Site Search
Description:We help you find alternatives to your favorite sites. Enter a URL (e.g. to find similar websites:

FAQs: Q: What does this site do? A: This site is mainly designed to help you find similar, related, or alternative websites.

Q: How does this site work? A: We collect and combine information about websites from many sources. The search engine generates a list of websites based on the similarity of tags and categories. We are constantly crawling the Web to find new popular sites to provide users with fresh results.

Q: What is "custom search"? A: "custom search" could be the key to finding similar websites you need. By default, all the tags of a website are used when searching for similar websites. However, you may be only interested in part of the tags. For example, you are searching for similar sites to "", which is a visual tool for managing databases. The default search result includes many sqlite related websites because of the tag "sqlite" was used by the search engine. If you want alternative tools for visually managing databases, you can uncheck "sqlite" and the search result show exactly those alternative websites you may be searching for.

Q: How is similarity score computed? A: We consider the following factors when computing similarity score: similarity of tags, website popularity, language match, and user suggestions and votes.

Q: What is confidence level? A: There are four confidence levels: high, medium, low, very low. We use it to tell users how confident we are about the accuracy of search results.

Q: Why are results poor sometimes? A: We are always trying best to provide you with the most relevant results. Poor results are typically caused by not having enough information about a website. We suggest you to tag the sites, which could improve the quality of search results.

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