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Description:A place to blog about python, robotics, ai, and life. Store recipes and random projects.

Written with flask. I choose flask because it is a very simple, get out of your way type of framework, yet it allows your project to scale quite largely.

All of the content you see on this site is actually stored on the filesystem in a version controlled mercurial repository.Every now and then, a cron job comes by and syncs the mongodb with the actual content. Mongodb is used as a frontend for its caching abilities and its schemeless architecture.

The content is structured in such a way that each page, post, recipe, or project each get their own folder. Inside this folder resides a content.rst file for reST using docutils, or content.txt using markdown via themarkdown2 library.Any files that are attached to an object, such as images or other files get stored in the same directory. This is the real advantage of having everything relating to the content all in the same place!

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