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Tornado Python YUI nginx MongoDB
Description:Unscatter.com allows you to search multiple search engines in one place, with advanced features such as built in tabs to provide a better search experience. Eventually you'll be able to unscatter more of your online experience with built in Twitter and Facebook clients with advanced features for business professionals.

Unscatter.com is intended to provide a better starting point for internet day to day activities. It seamlessly integrates with search provider apis to provide one place to search for data. It has custom UI features such as smart tabs to make your search experience as productive as possible. More api's and other custom engines are being added. In the future a social client supporting Twitter and Facebook will be integrated, with additional features for professional purposes added, with a monthly charge for access.

The site is combination of several Tornado applications with a caching backend that utilizes MongoDB. It's built with horizontal scalability in mind from the beginning, load balancers (currently nginx) used to support several front end tornado servers per server. Front end UI is handled by YUI3.

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